About us

Spartan Auto Dismantlers has been a family business since 1998. Ray Wright was an auto dismantler in the last 1960’s. The business was purchased in 2003 by son of Ray, Dayne wright the current owner.

Spartan has been around for nearly 35 years located in Westbrook Ave, Originally Spartan started off doing everything in the automotive industry then they went to specialising in rear wheel drive cars under the owner at the time Don Hickman and from then on Spartan has grown into industry leaders in dismantling all Toyota models.

With a wide range of models in stock including Corolla, Camry, Hybrid Prius, Yaris just to name a few. Spartan also specialise in RAV4 from 1994 to current model.

We are one of the biggest dismantlers in New Zealand of Toyota parts, we are also proud to have a successful recycling process. We are able to export world-wide. Spartan also has a strong connection with sending parts from New Zealand to the Pacific Islands.

Spartan has a wide range of quality Toyota parts from 1975 to 2019 and we pride ourselves on being able to supply quality parts throughout New Zealand. We are always trying to do our part for the environment therefore we recycle everything from the petrol in the car to the battery.